Ground Floor, Centris Walk,
Eton Centris, EDSA Corner
Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Tel Nos: 994-8467,738-4938 to 39
Fax No: 738-4938
Mobile: 0917-5547155


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ASYA endeavours to make life more fulfilling with a dining event that nourishes you with a healthy balance of refreshing, wholesome and delicious choices. ASYA moves you to encounter the flavors of the orient and reinterpret traditional dishes with new inspirations.

Hand selected vegetables and fruits, fresh meats and seafoods, flavoured noodles, sushi rolls, salads, with local and imported grilled items and exciting Filipino-Asian dishes presented with a modern twist constantly abound our daily offerings, most of which are enjoyable to share. These dishes are prepared daily by our well experienced kitchen brigade and only came from the freshest ingredients. This attention to details, coupled with a gracious and hospitable service staff, will surely delight your experience and send your soul and palate to nirvana.

So come and feel at home with us, as we welcome you to ASYA. We delight to bring friends, families and business acquaintances together to enjoy and share a unique dining experience. Whether it's by spoon, fork, chopsticks or hand, the choice is yours here in ASYA. Our continent. Our food.